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“ROK-1” Holding is one of the leading fish and sea products manufacturer in Russia. Over the years of successful activity the enterprises of the holding have mastered production of the widest range of products – from specialties to snacks and fish/seafood butter. Nowadays the “ROK” trademark includes more than 10 product categories, which allows to meet the requirements of a given market segment.

We don’t stop at the accomplished leadership in 14 product groups though, and continue to expand our range of products. High level quality control on each production stage is an important factor of the steadily growing demand for our products. We produce not only tasty, but also healthy products for all kinds of consumers groups.

The range of our seafood and fish products includes:

  • Smoked fish
    Unique taste qualities of this product are ensured by the best traditions of smoking, organic ingredients and varied fish stock;
  • Salted fish
    Steadily growing demand for this product makes us stick to the strict process inspection of raw materials and products in the whole production process.
  • Specialty fish
    Fine taste and high quality of the selected fishes are preserved by the innovative package with an eye-catching design;
  • Crabmeat sticks and crab meat
    These products are produced in various price categories and are very popular in Russia, so regardless of the production price we use only the highest quality surimi.
  • Herring preserves
    To guarantee the perfect quality of this traditional Russian snack we use only organic components in the production.
  • Laminaria salads
    We support healthy lifestyle tendencies and seek to regularly update the range of this more and more popular product category;
  • Butters and chopped snacks
    Use of organic ingredients and special taste combinations made customers like these products;
  • Caviar
    Modern package and high quality control ensure safety and perfect taste of this popular dainty.
  • Semi-products
    To preserve natural qualities of each semi-product we use modern production technologies and storage procedures.

It is worthy of note, that “ROK-1” Group produces goods not only under its own brands, but also under the brands by order of several Russian companies and enterprises from the near abroad.