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"Sea News", "Hello, Crisis!", "Fish in gas feels better", "Chum salmon is different in autumn and summer!"
Sea Planet Info 1, January 2009

"Sea news", "Government will help the fish industry to stay up", "What does wind of legislative changes carry to us?", "Take a pollack from a cat and eat it yourself!"
Sea Planet Info 2, March 2009

"Sea news", "A penny saved is a penny gained!", "Which tastes of East and West are common?", "Fax-lodde?.. Capelin!", "Baltic herring is the national fish of Estonia"
Sea Planet Info 3, June 2009

"News from Seas", "Russia and Fish", "What Can Smoke Do to a Fish", Russian Salmon
Sea Planet Info 4, August 2009

"Sea news", "Concerning the state control of the commercial activity in the Russian Federation", "Preserves: the fish is fresh like newly caught", "Matiss, Matie, Herring!"
Sea Planet Info 5, November 2009

"Sea news", "Results of the year 2009. The sea of problems or the sea of prospects?", "Laminaria. Good from nature. Taste from ROK-1", "Sea tongue", "Marine novelties"
Sea Planet Info 6, April 2010

"News from the seas", "European Seafood: world trends of fish and seafood market", "Chilled fish with good for health", "Fish that brings luck", "One should know the localities!", "Sea novelties"
Sea Planet Info 7, June 2010

"Sea news ", "The long-awaited salmon fishing-season 2010: ready? Steady!..", "Seafood or How to lose weight easily and with taste!", "Flying squid", "The strips will tell the age", "8-feet miracle", "Am I a shrimp?!", "Sea novelties"
Sea Planet Info 8, August 2010

"News from the seas", "Herring becomes prohibitive?", "Capelin roe: Japanese story, Scandinavian idea, Russian hit!", "A mackerel Day".
Sea Planet Info 9, January 2010